Trio of time TTT#1: Hidden Time Watch - Coffee


challenging “the common perceptions of time,” the timepiece is the first entry in anicorn’s new ""the trio of time"" (ttt) collaboration series and faithfully recreates jiwoong jung’s sleek 2016 concept.
this designer watch appears in three distinct colorways while its signature gradient “turns to reveal the white hour numerals printed on the glass above. each hour appears as the dark end of the design passes under it, and slowly disappears as the gradient rotates back to white. the watch uses an optical illusion to trick you into focusing on the present, it helps you focus on time in the moment, using a modern interpretation of the camouflage effect to hide the passing hours.

- swiss ronda caliber 512 quartz movement
- the 39mm case is designed for both men and women
- pvd coated 316l stainless-steel enclosed casing
- sapphire crystal glass
- available in black, rose gold, or silver.
- ultra-thin - only 8.7mm (0.34in).
- 18 mm genuine leather strap - brown
- 5 atm water resistance
- 12-month warranty

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Anicorn, a Hong Kong-based independent watchmaker and design studio, was founded in 2014 by graphic designer Joe Kwan and entrepreneur Chris Chan in order to combine design, typeface, and mechanism with simplicity and contemporary style. Their second watch, the Series K452, was successfully funded in 24 hours on Kickstarter. Anicorn has been featured in design and lifestyle publications worldwide (e.g. Fastcompany, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, GQ (UK & Portugal), DesignMilk).