miki guy cotten jaune

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"halfway between the cap and the beanie, no visor, in case of strong wind, and uncovered ears to pay close attention to the slightest noise of a wave, the miki béton ciré x guy cotten, with its innovative material offers impermeability, lightness, comfort and resistance. for a better finishing, the striped inner lining is 100% cotton, we also find the camel leather strap with the logos béton ciré and guy cotten juxtaposed at the miki’s back.
- 100% pvc
- 100% adjustable camel leather strap
- size:
- s/m: 56 cm - 59 cm"

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Beton Cire

Beton Cire

In 1999, Amelie Le Roux and Mario Faundez met at l'Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris. In 2013, they established their brand, Béton Ciré.
Its first collection is a direct reference to "Miki Breton", a traditional sailor hat frequently worn by French fishermen and commandos. Halfway between a bonnet and a cap, this authentic collection in denim is unisex and timeless. The hats are crafted in France and Béton Ciré offer their vision of the hat in denim for a permanent urban look.