F202 LELAND Tote Bag Small
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freitag f202 leland tote bag features
- shoulder strap
- convenient handles
- hidden zipper pocket
- zip-cover protects from rain and over-curious eyes
- 27 × 8 × 36 cm (l × w × h)
- freitag f202 leland tote bag is available at
*kapok k11 3/f (hong kong)*
*kapok ndc (singapore)*
item displayed is for showcasing purpose actual stock may not be available.
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founded by graphic designers markus and daniel freitag in 1993, freitag is inspired by the multicolored heavy traffic that rumbled through the zurich transit intersection in front of their flat, they developed a messenger bag from used truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts.
- exclusive models only available at kapok physical stores
- kapok k11 (hong kong)
- kapok ndc (singapore)