beton cire x homecore Miki Tech Beanie Kaki


homecore is about clothes to be comfortable, to be free and to be yourself in life.
the homecore x beton cire miki tech hat kaki features
- homecore colour codes in the inside lining
- made in france

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Beton Cire

Beton Cire

In 1999, Amelie Le Roux and Mario Faundez met at l'Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris. In 2013, they established their brand, Béton Ciré.
Its first collection is a direct reference to "Miki Breton", a traditional sailor hat frequently worn by French fishermen and commandos. Halfway between a bonnet and a cap, this authentic collection in denim is unisex and timeless. The hats are crafted in France and Béton Ciré offer their vision of the hat in denim for a permanent urban look.


homecore is about clothes to be comfortable, to be free and to be yourself in life. in 1992, homecore is born, first brand of hip hop in france inspired by the slogan "peace, love, unity and having fun." however 1996 - homecore begins a slow evolution towards a more timeless style and sets the new direction of the brand. in 2002 the brand founded gumjo. it's a practice to realign and share human energy. it allows you to connect to your center, to concentrate on feeling and fuel your energy center. in group, you can connect to others, center to center. 2008 thanks to this study of the body by the gumjo are born new details that come emphasize the inner structure of the body: in the clothing, you found (tee) red line on the spine, (pants) leather cord on the center of gravity.