Navy Windowpane Whangee Telescopic


an iconic brand in creating phenomenal rain gear, london undercover is the one you can rely on during rainy seasons. handcrafted with a natural bamboo cane handle and a 10-rib frame for impeccable strength, this folded umbrella is a practical accessory with modern senses.
london undercover navy windowpane whangee telescopic umbrella
- 10-rib frame
- opens to 38" in diameter
- length: 45cm closed
- handmade in england

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London Undercover

London Undercover

London Undercover was established by designer Jamie Milestone in 2008 with the aim to turn around the umbrella and return to its rightful position as a fashion accessory. With the celebration of Britishness at the core, London Undercover brings to life what is generally perceived as a boring, disposable, last-minute item. An obvious canvas for expression, the designs encourage people to enjoy and take pride in what is, an indispensable, quintessentially British accessory.
Using age-old techniques, London Undercover continues to supports it's range with a number key luxury accessories for both Ladies & Gentleman, made using only the finest materials and quality craftsmanship.